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Leonidas Chartas (BSc)

  I am a certified biodynamic massage therapist and a full member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists (ABMT). I offer biodynamic massage therapy sessions in Cambridge in a beautiful room close to the city centre.

As a therapist, I realised from my very first contact with clients, that the expected impact of treatment varies depending on the client, and that every person needs to be listened very carefully, for their needs to be authentically acknowledged.

 My curiosity to understand the emotional and psychological aspects of the 'dis-ease' and the notion that body-mind-soul are inseparable, during a life's time, led me finally to move in Cambridge to study at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre, (CBPC).


  My experience in massage therapies goes back in 2010 when I started practising massage therapies while studying physiotherapy in Athens, Greece. 


  After my graduation, I worked as a physiotherapist for a couple of years, and at the same time, I was attending workshops and pieces of training, trying to find practical ways to develop a holistic way of working in my practice. 


  I was curious to discover ways to bring understanding and integration of the body, the emotion and the psyche in the therapeutic course. I tried to combine physiotherapy with some of the principles of  Hatha Yoga, which worked quite well, and I also taught Yoga classes.​


  In Winter, 2019 I started my practice as a biodynamic massage therapist while continuing with my studies in Body Psychotherapy. ​